It’s that time of year when everyone is making resolutions, deciding to be better people, eating healthier and in general trying to make a plan to do better and be better. I’m going to be honest, I know myself well enough that I’m not making some big lifestyle change when it comes to eating, drinking or exercising. I’m a realist, I like beer and steak.
The thing that I do enjoy is challenging myself though, and I want to continue doing so when it comes to photography. I have in the past done some different challenges that fizzled out for different reasons, mostly because I just wasn’t passionate about the “plan”. So this year I’ve decided to create my own challenge that I am passionate about, but is in an area of photography that I truly want to improve my skills.
This will be a 52 week portrait challenge. Each week will consist of me finding one volunteer who would be willing to take part in the challenge with me. I am hoping to get people that are open to the idea of having fun in front of the camera. These photos could be as simple as a headshot to elaborate staged shots getting as creative as possible. I really want to push my boundaries and I may be naive, but I’m hoping there will be some friends out there that would be willing to take part.
I’m looking to start lining shots up as early as this weekend. Since I’m already half way into the first week of the year I’m technically behind. If you would like to participate please contact me via the contact link on my web page at or send me a message via facebook or Instagram. In return for you hard work and efforts I will share with you at least one final copy of the image for you to use as you would like. Don’t be shy, I’m looking for anyone that is open to taking part, I’m not looking for professional models, just real people that want to have some fun being photographed for a cool project.
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